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Hermes Birkin 35cm

Hermes Birkin 35 Clemence Lizard White Club Palladium
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This Hermès Birkin bag is wearable art that displays confidence, elegance and a sense of style all at once. As one of the most desired handbags in the world, this Hermès Birkin bag is very valuable and considered to be a true treasure. The timeless shades of white and grey along with the lizard color trim makes this bag pop, while also fitting any fashion style to perfection. It’s easy to fall in love with such a unique bag. With only a handful of these Hermès Birkin bags in the world, collectors dream of getting their hands on such a masterpiece.

This bag measures 35cm x 28cm x 18cm (14” x 11” x 7”) and is in brand new condition.

Bag: Hermès Birkin Bag White Club (35cm)
Color: White, Gris, Sanguine

Material: Clemence Leather, Lizard
Hardware: Palladium

Measurements: 35cm x 28cm x 18cm (14" x 11" x 7")

This Hermes Birkin 35 Clemence Lizard White Club Palladium H1035HSD comes with sleepers, clochette, raincoat, lock, keys and the original orange Hermès box.